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kitty1.pngPart of our mission is to prevent disease in our patients by taking the time to educate our clients. When we begin a relationship with a patient we take the time needed to get a full understanding of the client’s needs and perform the most complete assessment possible. Then we will provide a detailed plan tailored to the individual’s needs. This may include treatment or prevention of disease, protection against parasites, recommendations on nutrition, or certification of health for travel.

When preparing for an initial exam, expect to spend about an hour with a veterinarian in order to collect a detailed history, performed a physical exam, and discuss a plan. Pets should be contained in a room or area of the home where they cannot hide and prevent examination. When you schedule an appointment be sure to mention any challenges that may be encountered or behavioral issues that may exist with your patients. Also, if known problems exist or prior medical records are available be sure to let us know so that we are best prepared.

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